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Home and Residential Moving Services

Are you in need of Moving Help in Fort Wayne? Our dependable team can help! Any Place Movers is not a full-service moving company in Fort Wayne. However, our trained team can help load and unload a rented moving truck. We can also help move heavy items within your home or on your property. This is especially helpful when you need something moved from your basement to another floor, for example.

Here are Some More Situations Where You May Need Moving Help in Fort Wayne

Labor Only Moving Fort Wayne by the Hour

Help Loading or Unloading a Moving Truck (rented for your own), Storage Unit or Portable Storage Unit

Assistance Loading and Filling a Dumpster

  • Moving an Item Inside the Home
  • Help Moving Items for an Event


More on Our Fort Wayne Moving Help Service

While we don’t have moving trucks, our team is trained and able to move heavy items. We are here to help when you need some extra muscle to get a job done. Any Place Movers is a local, veteran, and firefighter-owned company in the Fort Wayne and Indianapolis areas. Our technicians are uniformed, background-checked, and fully insured. We can also haul away any unwanted items you may have, while we help you move.

Furthermore, we offer a free estimates on all of our services. Need an estimate for moving help in Fort Wayne? Learn more below!


Fragile & Delicate Items

If you are like most people, you likely have some fragile and delicate items in your house or apartment. These items are important to have relocated to your new home with assurance nothing will happen during the packing, carrying or transport of your belongings. When you choose AnyplaceMovers, you can rest easy at night knowing our moving services will get your items delivered to your new living space in a safe manner.

  • Thick Moving blankets to keep items safe during transport.
  • Appliance dollies for properly moving washers, dryers, ovens, refrigerators, and heavy furniture, to name a few.
  • Custom sized Furniture Pads for easy sliding of your furniture around your house without scratching your floor.

Our team

Our team can also move all types of large items: pianos, pool tables, heavy furniture, appliances, large machinery or equipment, even Automobiles. Regardless of what possessions you wish to bring to your new place, our team will ensure they arrive safely and in one piece.

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To get your moving date onto our busy schedule, give us a call today. We pride ourselves in trying to provide our customers with the best moving company in the greater Ft. Wayne area!

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